CareBoost Video Series

A creative way to appreciate, motivate and support your team

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Does Your Team Need A Boost?

A unique video series designed to provide your team with motivation, appreciation and support. A series of quick videos that you can integrate with your team meetings and messages, reinforced conveniently right from their phone when they need it most.

-How does CareBoost help?

  • Feeling overwhelmed is the new normal.
  • Words matter and a quick, uplifting video can help.
  • You decide the best way to use CareBoost in your organization.
  • You can send them embedded in emails or newsletters.
  • You can use them as an upbeat way to start a meeting or a huddle.
  • You can make them available on-demand as a stand-alone CareBoost Coffeebreak or a special event.
  • Share it on your organization's internal video channel.
  • You know what will serve your team best.
  • It's a tool to help you help your team.

How does CareBoost work?

Each 4-minute CareBoost focuses on a theme, bolstered by a short story or a call to action. You can customize the CareBoost videos and send them to your team as often as you like for a full year.

In addition to the individual CareBoost videos, we will produce a customized welcome video to introduce CareBoost to your team reinforcing your organization's mission and values.

The companion book Take a Break Before You Break is a great complement to the CareBoost video series. It is a great gift for staff and family members.

Packages include 12, 24 and 50 CareBoost videos as well as the fully customized intro video highlighting your organization.

Call today and give your team a CareBoost. Breeda Miller 734.428.0847 or

Our staff loves the CareBoost videos. Breeda is so natural. It's like we've always known her and her messages resonated deeply with our caregivers. 

Grand Traverse Pavilions

Traverse City, MI

CareBoost Themes and Topics

There are three themes in the CareBoost video series, Appreciation, Motivation and Support. Within each theme are specific topics presented either through an engaging short story or creative and helpful ideas. Choose the plan that works best for you. 12, 24 or 50, it's up to you. Remember, you will have access to them for a full year, as often as you like.
















Less is more


Self talk













No Regrets

Difficult People



Your best self

Let it go

Level up










Self Care








Mind Games




Watch Gratitude, a sample CareBoost video.

Which Plan Works For You?

CareBoost is designed to be flexible and allow you to use the videos as often as you like for a full year.

Whether you share them weekly, monthly, or make them all available they will provide inspiration and motivation to both leadership and your staff.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Kick-off weekly staff meetings or huddles
  • Send in regular staff newsletters
  • Make available on internal networks in break rooms
  • Create monthly special recognition coffee breaks with a CareBoost video theme

CareBoost Dozen

Twelve different short videos that set up a theme for a meeting, a celebratory break, or a thought-starter for an individual break. Access as often as you need for a full year. Fee: $3500


  1. Gratitude
  2. Patience
  3. Pride
  4. Calm
  5. Time
  6. Joy
  7. Impact
  8. Humor
  9. No Regrets
  10. Difficult People
  11. Flexibility
  12. Breathe

CareBoost Case

24 different engaging videos with a variety of topics. You control which ones and how you share them. Plus, you receive 100 copies of Take a Break, Before you Break. Fee: $5000

The 12-pack, and:

  1. Frustration
  2. Leadership
  3. Dignity
  4. Team
  5. Focus
  6. Professionalism
  7. Goals
  8. Comparisonitis
  9. Your best self
  10. Let it go
  11. Level up
  12. Coping


100 copies of the book, Take a Break Before you Break by Breeda Miller

A Full Deck

50 different videos that will allow you to provide appreciation, motivation, and support each week for a year. Plus, you receive 150 copies of Take a Break, Before You Break. Fee: $12,000

The 12 Pack, Case, and:

  1. Health
  2. Creativity
  3. Self Care
  4. Family
  5. Sleep
  6. Guilt
  7. MicroBreaks
  8. Community
  9. Education
  10. Meditation
  11. Mind Games
  12. Resources
  13. Groups
  14. Stress
  15. Legacy
  16. Permission
  17. Rituals
  18. Self Care
  19. Less is More
  20. Gifts
  21. Self talk
  22. Authenticity
  23. Compassion
  24. Expertise
  25. Movement
  26. Optimism


150 copies of the book, Take a Break Before you Break by Breeda Miller

Are you ready to give your team a CareBoost?

About Breeda Miller

An author, speaker and trainer, Breeda Miller has used her professional experience serving senior living communities, health care organizations, corporations, nonprofit communities and academic institutions.

Her clients include Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, The University of Michigan, Kimberly Clark, The Alzheimer’s Association, and Leading Age providing them with creative and actionable solutions.

Breeda’s knowledge and expertise came to her the hard way – she was a family caregiver for her mother for six years including hospice care in her home. She is a graduate of the University of Detroit Mercy with a degree in communications studies. Her stories have been broadcast nationally on The Moth Story Hour on NPR and she serves as Artistic Director of the Big Hearts for Seniors Storytelling event.

A professional member of the National Speakers Association, she is also the Past President of the NSA Michigan Chapter and a Certified Caregiving Consultant. Through the power of story, audience interaction, and warm-hearted humor, Breeda delivers strategies that make a difference.

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52 Practical Self-Care Tips

Take A Break Before You Break

By Breeda Miller

Take A Break Before You Break is the companion book for the CareBoost video program. Available on Amazon and at

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